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Friday, March 06, 2015

How Inequality Harms Health -- and the Economy

At MoneyWatch:

How inequality harms health -- and the economy: One of the hottest topics around lately concerns the widespread effects of inequality. For example, evidence suggests that when inequality is very large, it can lower economic growth. But there's quite a bit of uncertainty about how this occurs. What are the pathways that connect large disparities in income and wealth to economic growth?
Recent research (summarized here) from UCLA's Fielding School of Public Health provides evidence that income inequality is associated with inequality in health. In particular, lower income is associated with "high levels of stress, exhaustion, cardiovascular disease, lower life expectancy and obesity." These factors alone could lead to lower economic growth than we would have if the work force were healthier.
Also important when thinking about the impacts on long-run growth are the potential intergenerational impacts. As Dr. Linda Rosenstock, the UCLA paper's senior author, noted, these health effects aren't limited to the parents -- children are also affected.
Does this matter for economic growth and intergenerational mobility? Some research says it does. ...

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