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Monday, November 02, 2015

'You Should Sit Down with Your Nobel Prize Winning Husband'

Ralph Nader thinks Janet Yellen needs to consult with her husband on monetary policy:

... But anyway, Nader's questionable and sometimes wholly inaccurate policy analysis—don’t get me started on his aside about student loans—isn't really the most remarkable part of the letter. Rather, it's when the man gets personal. He writes:

Chairwoman Yellen, I think you should sit down with your Nobel Prize winning husband, economist George Akerlof, who is known to be consumer-sensitive. Together, figure out what to do for tens of millions of Americans who, with more interest income, could stimulate the economy by spending toward the necessities of life.

Yes, Ralph Nader just told the most powerful woman in the world to take more tips from her husband. Akerlof is a brilliant man. I'm sure he has interesting thoughts on monetary policy that they discuss over dinner. But Yellen is Fed chair for a reason.

Anyway, just in case Yellen wants advice from another man in her life, Nader has a second suggestion...

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