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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

'Europe Stalls'

Paul Krugman:

Europe Stalls: I’ve been saying for a while that Europe and the US are locked in an intense competition, to see which of these huge, powerful, rich, sophisticated societies could screw up most. For a long time Europe seemed to be winning that competition, but recently the “deep bench” GOP has given America a big boost.
Still, Europe is by no means out of the running. It has been hard even for rootless cosmopolitans like me to focus on their woes while we have our local freak show, but things are going amazingly wrong over there. The refugee crisis tops the list, probably followed by the risk of Brexit. But the good old economic woes of the eurozone are still there..., “morning in euroland” — such as it was — reflected one-time developments that are now in the rear-view mirror. ...

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