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Monday, January 23, 2017

The Tip of the Iceberg: The Implications of Climate Change on Financial Markets

Yuliya Baranova, Carsten Jung, and Joseph Noss at Bank Underground:

The tip of the iceberg: the implications of climate change on financial markets: There has been a recent increase in awareness of investors that limiting emissions to prevent climate change might leave a substantial proportion of the world’s carbon reserves unusable, and that this could lead to revaluations across a range of financial assets. If risks are left unaddressed, this could result in large losses for some investors. But is this adjustment in financial market prices likely to be abrupt?  And – even if it is – is it likely to pose risks to financial stability?  We argue that the answer to both these questions could be yes:  financial valuations can move sharply even if the transition to sustainable energy were smooth.  And exposures are sufficiently large to warrant attention from both investors and policymakers. ...

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